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    The only cold-pressed vegetarian dog food and a pioneer in its formulation HYPOALLERGENIC. Without soy, egg, dairy or cereals with gluten. IDEAL for dogs with an intolerance to animal protein, food allergies or who are overweight. Also to detoxify or purify the body and intestines on occasion. CONTAINS ingredients for human consumption such as legumes,...

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    Diet feed/ food supplement for dogs suffering from food intolerance, with 20% protein and 8% fat. When it comes to dogs with food sensitivities, the most important thing to watch to mantain health and vitality is proper nutrition. Many dogs with allergies react to certain feed ingredients. Read more

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    WEIDELAMM means "meadow lamb bred in freedom".IDEAL for dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. Specially indicated for dogs with intolerance to bird protein or with digestive or allergic problems. CONTAINS the same formula of the line Black Angus but with lamb meat of New Zealand. It is completed with linseed, Perna Canaliculus mussel meat extract, and...

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    Cold pressed maintenance feed Prepared by our German company with a unique combination of natural products. It contains 10 fruits which provide natural vitamins that activate our pets’ cells providing them with energy, health, beauty and longevity. Acticell: The food alternative that is closest to a natural-organic diet for any breed . Read more

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    Complete food equivalent to hunting preyThe only cat food produced cold (in pellets) with 59% protein, of which 98% is of animal origin (without soybeans, corn or cereals, as they are not very digestible for cats). With only 5% carbohydrates. It is a delicate product packaged in a protective atmosphere to reduce oxidation. IDEAL for cats of all breeds....

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  • To try some of our tasty and healthy snacks at a reduced price.

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  • 1x Lupoderm 1000ml   1x Biotina 130 tabs   2x Muestras NE Pollo   2x Muestras MM Acticell

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  • Your puppy is in a vital phase of growth. Thinking about their needs, we offer you this pack of Luposan complements, with a saving of 10% and recommended for dogs from 0 to 12 months. The pack contains: 1 jar of Gelenkkraft 60 tablets: therapeutic complement for joints with green mussel. 1 bottle of Lupoderm 100 ml: natural food for hair and skin.1 bottle...

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  • Your dog goes crazy with our Delights and you don't have enough with a bag? Then take advantage of this pack and take 4 bags at a reduced price. The pack contains: 1 bag of Goat Delights1 bag of Deer Delights1 bag of Duck Delights1 bag of Cow Delights They're made with dried and ground meat. They contain pea fiber. Natural product, without artificial...

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  • 1 X NATURAL EXTRA CHICKEN 20Kg   1 X Gelenkkraft powder 600g Condroprotector   1 X LUPODERM 250g

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  • 1 X NATURAL EXTRA ENERGY 20Kg   1 X LACHSÖL 250ml   1 X GELENKKRAFT POWDER 600g Condroprotector

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