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  • To try some of our tasty and healthy snacks at a reduced price.

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  • Your puppy is in a vital phase of growth. Thinking about their needs, we offer you this pack of Luposan complements, with a saving of 10% and recommended for dogs from 0 to 12 months. The pack contains: 1 jar of Gelenkkraft 90 tablets: therapeutic complement for joints with green mussel. 1 bottle of Lupoderm 100 ml: natural food for hair and skin.1 bottle...

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  • Your dog goes crazy with our Delights and you don't have enough with a bag? Then take advantage of this pack and take 4 bags at a reduced price. The pack contains: 1 bag of Goat Delights1 bag of Deer Delights1 bag of Duck Delights1 bag of Cow Delights They're made with dried and ground meat. They contain pea fiber. Natural product, without artificial...

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  • 1 X NATURAL EXTRA CHICKEN 20Kg   1 X Gelenkkraft powder 600g Condroprotector   1 X LUPODERM 250g

    99,90 €
  • 1 X NATURAL EXTRA ENERGY 20Kg   1 X LACHSÖL 250ml   1 X GELENKKRAFT POWDER 600g Condroprotector

    106,50 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items