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    Dices of lamb and poultry, dried gently in hot air ovens. Product made in Germany with high quality materials, no flavors, added sugar, candy, bone meal, or gluten. Ideal as a prize or reward. Not replace the usual daily feeding this product. Dose moderately, without abuse, because of its high protein content.Read More

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    100% natural, this snack is an ideal edible chew toy and high-quality prize for your pet and has no artificial coloring or flavoring. Made from Natural-Extra Chicken feed. Cleans the teeth, strengthens jaw muscles, and provides nourishment. Ideal for dogs with sensitive skin and/or intestines. A prize for your pet, this delicious snack is totally natural,...

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  • A 100% natural snack for the little ones in the house. Processed cold from dry Natural-Extra Chicken-flavor feed. Ideal for small dog breeds with sensitive skin and/or intestines. Owing to their size, these mini bones are perfect for small dogs. Gluten-free, not extruded. Snack mini bone treats are new way of packing pet food while travelling, as they...

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    "A 100 % natural Snack rich in protein and low in fat "  Ideal to give a high quality reward to your dog. Considered as a steak for dogs, in a dried format . Ideal for any breed or age of dog. Gluten Free. No spices or added flavour, preserving its natural (not smoked ) flavour. No dog is able to resist its delicious  flavor! More information

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  • Succulent pieces of Veal tripe, dried in hot air ovens, which gives a crisp touch to this Snack. Its slow drying process “humidity” removal means that the aroma and flavor are maintained. It is ideal to treat your pet, to give as a reward or just to pamper. Our Veal tripe comes from calves reared in Germany, Holland and France under strict quality...

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  • As your dog chews this delicious snack his jaw will be strengthened, his gums massaged and his teeth cleaned . It is available in two sizes :  Dog size S , M 200gr.  Dog Size L, XL 300gr. READ MORE

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