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    Chicken intolerant The alternative to the Classic-Natural Extra. The difference being that this contains Charolais beef instead of chicken. Ideal for dogs of all breeds and ages who are allergic to their feed or chicken protein. A feed with high quality natural ingredients produced by companies that supply goods for human consumption. Contains: salmon...

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    Our pride and joy! Extraordinary! The top sale product in Spain! With very positive results in dogs that were suffering from diarrhea or lack of appetite, vomiting or digestive problems. A feed with high quality natural ingredients produced by companies that supply goods for human consumption. Contains: salmon oil, natural antioxidants (OPC), fruits,...

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  • Balanced Energy For dogs that need a "Natural Energy Supplement" : puppies , pregnant or lactating females, high activity level, canicross , competition dogs, large breeds. It promotes a balanced growth between the bone structure and muscles as it contains the corect protein levels. With Chicken, Black Angus beef, herring and mussels . The most varied...

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    Natural Extra HepaDiet   Complete food for adult dogs • Low fat, protein and copper • Hypoallergenic • No : flavorings, cereal ( gluten), GMOs, preservatives and dyes • With: potato , milk thistle , artichoke , turmeric , flax and chicken Read more

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    A unique dog feed with 36% of sea fish! It is the best choice for those who want to feed our dogs in a healthy way , with a feed of fish and potatoes of high purity and quality. Hypoallergenic, cereals or gluten free and is high in Omega 3. Suitable for dogs with food intolerances, or IBD intestinal complications

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  • The sample pack is designed for your dog to test the palatability of our feed and know if you find attractive smell, taste and so you can buy with confidence that your dog likes. The pack includes 8 samples bags (640g Approx.). You can choose up to two feed types from all our varieties and specify it in order. If you are not sure which of our feeds you...

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  • Ideal for greedy dogs that eat hastily. The design with concentric circles, provides difficult access to food, forcing your pet to have to work harder. This system slows down feeding,  forcing our pet to eat more slowly. Recommended for dogs prone to stomach cramps. Manufactured in high quality, lead free, enamel coated ceramic. Read more

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