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    The same formula as Natural-Extra Chicken but with beefIDEAL for dogs of all breeds and ages with normal physical activity. For dogs who are intolerant to poultry protein or as an alternative for changing their diet, the meat, the smell or the flavour. CONTAINS in natural high-quality ingredients, from food providers for human consumption such as...

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    The most popular cold-pressed dog food Thousands of dogs eat our food every day with very healthy results; others minimize or reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems, diarrhoea and allergies. IDEAL for dogs of all breeds and ages with normal physical activity.  CONTAINS natural high-quality ingredients, from food providers for human consumption such...

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    Our outstanding product comes in a minipellet form IDEAL for miniature breeds, puppies, dogs with small mandibles, with dental problems, old dogs or dogs with chewing difficulties. Also for food intolerances. CONTAINS natural high-quality ingredients, from food providers for human consumption such as dehydrated free-range chicken meat, fruits, vegetables,...

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    For those who burn more energyIDEAL for puppies and dogs with a high level of physical activity such as dogs for sport, agility, canicross, pregnant/lactating dogs or malnourished dogs.CONTAINS high-quality select ingredients such as Black Angus beef, chicken, herring, amaranth, millet OPC antioxidant, algae, chondroprotector (GAG) with mussels,...

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    Purifies and facilitates liver and kidney functionIDEAL for adult dogs of all breeds, with gastrointestinal problems, with liver and kidney failure, overweight dogs, leishmaniasis (which affects the liver), with IBD and detoxifies on occasion.NOT SUITABLE for puppies, young or pregnant dogs.Low in fat, protein, copper and high in zinc....

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    The only one with 36% dehydrated saltwater fishHypoallergenic, without cereals or gluten. High in Omega 3IDEAL for dogs of all breeds and ages. Intolerant to meat, with food allergies such as to gluten. Also for dogs with skin problems such as itching or eczemas. SUITABLE for dogs with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).CONTAINS natural...

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  • The sample pack is designed for your dog to test the palatability of our feed and know if you find attractive smell, taste and so you can buy with confidence that your dog likes. The pack includes 8 samples bags (640g Approx.). You can choose up to two feed types from all our varieties and specify it in order. If you are not sure which of our feeds you...

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  • Natural-Extra Anti-Anxiety Dog Food Bowl is ideal for dogs that suck up their food, eating it voraciously and too quickly, leading to swallowing their feed dry, often whole without chewing, and with almost no breakdown by saliva. This manner of cramming down food can cause some dogs to vomit, gag, drink a lot of water, and in extreme cases, come to suffer...

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