Orders and shipments

Availability or lack of stock
In case we do not have the requested product in stock, we will contact the customer immediately to rectify the situation and come to an agreement. The Customer may await the arrival of our weekly truck from Germany with the goods ordered. If the customer has ordered several Luposan products, we may send a part of the order and the other products as soon as we have them available, without additional shipping costs.

Individual orders can be made through our website, e-mail or telephone. If the order is placed before 17:00 h, Luposan / Markus-Mühle sends your order the same day (The courier collects all orders each day between 16.00 to 17.30 h.) Should you do it after 17:30 h the order will be prepared for the courier to pick it up the next day from our store.

Orders placed on Thursday
If ordering on Thursday after 17:30 h, Luposan / Markus-Mühle prepares and organises the collection for the carrier on Friday, to be delivered to the Customer on Monday.

Express delivery on Saturday. Lupo-Express-Saturday
If the Customer places an order between 17:30 h. Thursday and 18:30 h. Friday, you can request an urgent delivery for Saturday. You'll need to pay an additional fee, which currently is 3 € per package. In this case you need to contact us or leave us a note in the order comments so we know the delivery must be marked as urgent and sent through MRW. On Saturday Delivery time is between 9:00 to 13:00 h. anywhere in Spain.

Emergency Orders weekend (Luposan-Express from Saturday to Monday)
Luposan / Markus-Mühle Spain prepares orders placed through the website (online shop), by telephone or e-mail between 17:30 pm on Friday and 12:00 am on Saturday, for the courier express service to deliver them on Monday, with no extra charge.
Orders placed on the weekend are delivered on Tuesday.
Orders placed through the website and by email from 12:00 pm on Saturday and throughout Sunday, are prepared by Luposan on Monday for delivery, always using the same courier companies, on Tuesday.

IMPORTANT: Delays in deliveries due to special circumstances
We advise our clients to order in advance as even professional couriers may be delayed due to local festivals, bank holidays, strikes, bad weather, etc.., both in our city or the Customer's location.
In Luposan / Markus-Mühle in Spain we are aware of the importance of pets having their favorite healthy food at all times, but we cannot guarantee the timeliness of delivery of orders due to the above circumstances.

Deliveries to the end customers in the Peninsula are carried by professional and prestigious couriers such as FedEx, SEUR, UPS, MRW, etc.. The delivery of goods is made within 24-48 h. approx. –(unless very exceptional incidents or errors beyond our control occur) to ensure the best possible customer care. The delivery time may be affected as a result of local or provincial festivities, bank holidays, strikes, bad weather, incidents of transport companies, errors in labeling or package handling by the carrier, etc..

  • Shipments − MRW, SEUR, UPS, ENVIALIA, etc..: Deliveries approximately 24-48 hours.
  • Pallet shipments − Azkar , DHL, SEUR, from 120 Kg to 5000 Kg deliveries between 24-72 hours approximately.

Delivery time of our shipments are calculated from the time when the orders come from the central warehouse in Luposan / Markus-Mühle Spain which is located in Dénia (Alicante).
To order or buy our products for the Balearic Islands (Tenerife, Ibiza), Mallorca, Andorra and Portugal, Customers must contact our dealers, announced on the website under "POS Luposan".

The indicated price includes tax and a special transport box. Only a small surcharge of transport costs to the Canaries has to be added which is aligned according to the weight.

No response at the time of delivery
If a Customer is absent from the delivery address, the courier will leave a notice on your door or mailbox with the phone number of the company so you can contact and arrange a new delivery date and time. Alternatively, the customer can call Luposan / Markus-Mühle Spain and we will contact the carrier so that a new delivery is agreed, according to schedules, routes and possibilities of the courier agency.

Requested delivery schedules
It is important to note that most courier agencies have their routes and scheduled deliveries, so they may not always coincide with the time of delivery requested by the Customer.
Luposan / Markus-Mühle Spain hires slots with agencies, so you can request a delivery of your order in the morning from 9:00 to 14:00 h or in the afternoon from 16:00 to 20:00 h. However, we cannot ensure the exact delivery time due to the issues mentioned above. We make every effort to provide the best service, but we depend on the courier.
In case of a negative service performed by the courier, it is important to let us know your complaint to improve the service on future occasions. Our emergency number is 965 767 676.

Orders for breeders, shops and veterinarians
The orders placed by stores, veterinarians, pharmacies, health food stores or breeders should be made by phone or e-mail directly to Luposan / Markus-Mühle in Spain. To avoid errors and misunderstandings, we prefer that orders to be in writing (e-mail).
E-mail: pronatura@luposan-iberica.com
Phone: 965 76 676

Shipping pallets to breeders, shops and veterinarians
When ordering pallets they must be collected by couriers before 14:00 h. If ordering after that time, the collection of the goods in our store will be scheduled for the next day. For orders placed on Thursday, the collection will be done the following Monday.
We advise all our clients / shops to consider national, provincial or local holidays when placing orders as these can cause delays when delivering orders.

Luposan / Markus-Mühle in Spain offers an emergency service phone 965 767 676, through which we will try to help in any way possible.