All our products LaraVital are shipped directly from the factory Markus-Mühle/Luposan in Germany to our warehouse in Spain, in refrigerated trucks controlled in tow between 20 and 24 ° C in order to keep intact its natural properties temperature and good physical condition.

The LaraVital products are stored in our central warehouse in Spain, which is isolated from the heat and humidity and maintains high clean conditions, hygiene, sterilization and pest control. Due to the constant movement thanks to high sales of our products, feed not remain for long in our store, so we always sell our products with a high expiry important issue in natural feed because it does not contain chemical preservatives, the expiration period in any case not exceed 8 months.

For shipments in the national territory all our feed, we use renowned express service companies  as MRW, Envialia or Redyser, within a maximum time of approximately 24-48. In the Canary Islands, we have a logistic base located at Las Palmas. It allow us to keep the feed in a perfect way and it arrives to the canary costumers in 24/48 hours without pay custom charges.

Although the expiration of the label indicates a specific date, if a feed like ours is abused in transport, exposed to long trips, sun, heat, etc., can reduce the quality and shelf life marked by the manufacturer, so we always look to the products our customers request is delivered as quickly as possible and in the best conditions. 

Our motto is: No extruding the feed to produce, nor extruding during transport or storage!