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  • “JOINT FOOD FOR DOGS” Natural therapeutic product for the maintenance and repair of joints. Contains glycosaminoglycans , chondroitin sulfate , heparin, omega 3 fatty acids from Perna canaliculus mussel meat. The classic format powder contains 20% green lipped mussel meat.  Read more

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    The only cold-pressed vegetarian dog food and a pioneer in its formulationHYPOALLERGENIC. Without soy, egg, dairy or cereals with gluten.IDEAL for dogs with an intolerance to animal protein, food allergies or who are overweight. Also to detoxify or purify the body and intestines on occasion.CONTAINS ingredients for human consumption such as legumes,...

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    Vitamin "B" as a natural aid for skin problems and to reinforce nails and pads. A supplement for dogs and cats derived from natural medicine with excellent results in treating skin problems , dull hair, brittle nails and stilted pads,  also used for increasing mental concentration and the reduction of stress, amongst other things. Read more

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  • "It reduces and prevents the formation of dental plaque whilst combating bad breath" Chewable supplement bars that help dental cleaning , thanks to its active ( algae - spirulina ) and other natural ingredients used for thousands of years in teeth cleaning . Their continued use prevents the formation of dental plaque and fights bad breath. Read more

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  • "Natural clay for stomach and intestines". Ideal to prevent stomach cramps, diarrhea and improve absorption of nutrients. It works as a natural body cleanser and promotes natural balance . Regulates the digestive -intestinal activity which benefits blood production , reactivates and protects the intestinal flora after antibiotic treatment . Swamp clay is...

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  • "PLANT BASED PRODUCT  FOR THE BENEFIT OF OUR DOGS" Natural vitamin supplement with over 30 healing herbs from traditional herbal medicine . Ideal in prophylactic and preventive levels responding to symptoms of poor nutrition , improves absorption of nutrients , strengthens bone growth , minimizes some allergies caused by pollution in addition to...

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  • PAW PAD AND KNEE REPAIRING CREAM Natural repair cream for dogs and cats thatprotects, nourishes and moisturizeschapped paw pads, dry nose, tough elbow skin, and calluses. Restores elasticity to paw pads without over-softening them. Our cream also acts to sooth small wounds, scrapes or insect bites. Contains aloe vera, propolis, biotin, beeswax, St. John's...

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    "Natural flea and tick repellent" Natural nutritional supplement made of a mixture of biologically active substances used for protection against fleas, ticks and other ectoparasites due to the catalytic effect and odor inhibitor in the skin of your dog. Contains garlic , crushed fenugreek seeds and other ingredients which are unpleasant for ectoparasites...

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  • Natural-Extra Anti-Anxiety Dog Food Bowl is ideal for dogs that suck up their food, eating it voraciously and too quickly, leading to swallowing their feed dry, often whole without chewing, and with almost no breakdown by saliva. This manner of cramming down food can cause some dogs to vomit, gag, drink a lot of water, and in extreme cases, come to suffer...

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Showing 31 - 45 of 99 items