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    15,50 €
  • "Natural revitalizer" Pelleted supplement that revitalizes the body. Considered an excellent nutritional and therapeutic support for its content of different micronutrients that are considered revitalizers in traditional herbal medicine for the heart, liver, kidneys, joints, eyes , nerves, etc. Originally formulated for older dogs, but it is recomended as...

    37,50 €
  • Citronella essence with Tea Tree Natural Extra CosmeticsThe natural citronella essence (30%) along with tea tree (3%) is a cosmetic supplement that has a natural protective effect against bugs. and therefore improves the quality of life for dogs especially in spring and summer. The natural alternative to keep bugs away from your dog. It includes two...

    15,25 €
  • 1 X NATURAL EXTRA CHICKEN 20Kg   1 X Gelenkkraft powder 600g Condroprotector   1 X LUPODERM 250g

    93,70 €
  • Gelenkkraft granules for horses has been specially developed to stabilize and condition the musculoskeletal system of the horse. Prepared at low temperatures (not extruded) by traditional methods, in the form of pellets which allows better assimilation of food and supplements . Read more

    36,05 €
  • "Natural flea and tick repellent" Natural nutritional supplement made of a mixture of biologically active substances used for protection against fleas, ticks and other ectoparasites due to the catalytic effect and odor inhibitor in the skin of your dog. Contains garlic , crushed fenugreek seeds and other ingredients which are unpleasant for ectoparasites...

    36,05 €
  • 1 X NATURAL EXTRA ENERGY 20Kg   1 X LACHSÖL 250ml   1 X GELENKKRAFT POWDER 600g Condroprotector

    99,90 €
  • EVERYDAY PACK The Everyday Pack includes: 1 totally cool headscarf, so your dog will be the handsomest/prettiest in the park. 100% cotton, made in Spain. 1 super-practical clamp to properly close dry food sacks. It also comes with a magnet on the back. 1 measuring scoop with which to measure doses of Natural-Extra, Markus-Mühle and Luponatural dry feed...

    5,00 €
  • Natural "anti-stomach cramps" Ideal for maintaining good bowel function, regenerate the intestinal flora, prevent stomach cramps and reduce gas. A natural complement for horses. Its natural ingredients improve the function of the digestive system by promoting optimal assimilation of nutritious ingredients in horse feed. Package of 3kg. Read more

    36,05 €
  • Formulated to protect  the bronchia.  Natural complement to boodt the vitality of the bronchi and the respiratory system. Contains a mixture of medicinal plants like fennel, anise, thyme, licorice, canary seed, eucalyptus leaves, black cumin mixture and oil, thereof having expectorant, with antimicrobial and antiinflammatoryproperties. Package of 3 kg....

    36,05 €
Showing 46 - 60 of 73 items